April 4, 2018

Profile / Vision


You are important to us. W Law Firm stands for modern customer service according to  traditional values. Personal contact is, therefore, a must for us. Every case is analysed critically and thoroughly on the basis of the facts. Every case, finally, begins with a good discussion: we strive for optimal availability and a friendly approach.

Laws and contracts keep becoming more difficult to understand and this costs you a lot of money. You cannot expect tailored-made approaches from the government. Large companies have other priorities too. We believe that justice may not be a luxury. That is why we guarantee access to justice with limited obstacles. With quality conforming to market standards and for a reasonable fee. For everyone.

The firm handles many legal actions. We can often be found at (higher) courts and can support you in various jurisdictions. We represent many clients against large companies, municipalities, the Tax and Customs Administration, the Public Prosecution Service (police) and other (benefits) administrations. Experience matters.

Serious representation must be accessible to everyone. To you too.

You are welcome to our office.