April 4, 2018



A standard hourly rate of € 75.- applies for our services. No extra costs are added to this, so no office costs, administration costs or other hidden costs.

Do you qualify for the pro-bono scheme?
The firm is prepared to handle cases on a pro-bono basis. We are registered with the government organisation ‘Legal Aid Board’ that organises the pro-bono scheme.
With this scheme, the lawyer costs are paid by the government. You only pay your own contribution. Should you fall below a certain income two years ago – or suddenly this year –, you may qualify for subsidised legal aid. The income limit is: +/- € 27.500,- gross per year or +/-  € 2.120,- gross per month.
Take into account that this can apply only to interests within the (geographic) Dutch legal system.
Your nationality is not important. You may eventually have to be able to substantiate your income outside the Netherlands with documents.

Legal aid insurance:
A legal aid insurer could compensate the lawyer costs. You must be insured and also on time. Based on studying the terms of the policy, it can be determined, in consultation with the insurer, whether your case qualifies for compensation.
Costs for third parties are naturally charged separately. These are made always in consultation with you. With these you can think about costs for bailiffs, court fees (so called court registry fees), notaries, certified translators, external consultants, appraisers and private investigators.

Payment in Bitcoins is possible.